Art Galleries Downtown Hollywood, FL

Downtown Hollywood features several galleries that display and offer for sale various art sculptures, paintings, and other creative works by local and notable artisans.  Stop in to these locations to admire the handiwork or to add work to your personal collection.

Armando Perez Creations
Armando Perez Creations
2029 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL  33020

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  • Unique Jewelry & Art
  • Art Gallery
  • Locally Made
  • Changing Selection
Made from the Heart with Love, LLC is a art gallery featuring local artisans creative works. Find everything from paintings to wall decorations, stuffed animals to clock repair.
Made from the Heart with Love, LLC
117 S. 21st Ave.
Hollywood, FL 33020
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  • Local Artisans
  • Unique Gifts
  • Recycled-Earth Friendly
  • One Stop Shopping
Gallery 2014, Downtown Hollywood
Gallery 2014
2014 Harrison st.
Hollywood, FL  33020
D'Art Vine Studio, 2000 Harrison St
D'Art Vine Studio & Gallery
2000 Harrison St. #4
Hollywood, FL 33020

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